"The way you listen and work, your creativity and your openness enabled us to get a final result that– sometimes you have to dare say it – makes us proud."



More than just stories

Telling a story is great. Using a story and its audiovisual environment to transmit emotions is much more powerful! Arizona films places emotion at the heart of your stories. Because without emotion, you can never have the impact you want on your audience.

Keeping control of a project

Producing quality films is not incompatible with a tight budget. We often see films that are tempted by the call of less experienced – but cheaper – producers and then simply sink without trace. Gone. No matter what your budget, we can create a quality product.

Holding attention until the last frame

Whatever goal you have set your film, if it doesn’t hold your audience’s attention until the last frame you have lost the opportunity. Arizona films produces films that hold your audience and have received several prestigious awards.

To think big, think broad

A film can provide powerful leverage for your business. It has to be developed in such a way that it will be “liked”, shared and live beyond the first broadcast. Arizona films integrate this approach into the production process. So you can leverage the impact and go broad.




Our experience enables us to provide genuine strategic and creative thinking – real added value in terms of content and results!

Our mission is to bring your project to life.

Our methodology:
– We work closely with you, so as to develop on-target, tailored concepts.
– We suggest the right local and international directors for your goals and sector.
– We define production techniques adapted to the budgets to ensure maximum ROI.
– By choosing ARIZONA, you are opting for the right human, creative and professional resources.



Dear Sir, last week my husband brought home a film that presents his company. I wasn’t really motivated to watch it with him, I must admit. But apparently it was well done, and he seemed so eager to watch it! So I watched it with him. What a surprise I got! I was expecting something boring that goes on endlessly, like all corporate films!... But not at all! I laughed a lot and watched it until the end – which is the film’s goal, after all! So I simply wanted to congratulate you for this initiative, and mostly for the production of this film.
I think you did a very good job within a short time.
I thought you would like to know that the video was played at the conference in Washington this afternoon. It went down very well. My colleague tells me that it looked great on the big TV screens!
A short note to thank the whole Arizona team for the great work they did. Everyone loves the video. A few comments I received: very clean, great job, quality images, you can tell it is professional, very zen... I realise that it was difficult for you to finish everything… but the result is there! It was a great pleasure working with you this week and in this atmosphere. Thanks for everything!
The film was unanimously appreciated, also by the Cabinet… Congratulations again!!
I wanted to thank you for this magnificent result. We worked hard to find the people, sites and scenes that Tim had cooked up! I would like to congratulate Bruno for his diligence and consistent good humour. We love the fluidity of the film, which we owe to Tim who is a very high quality director. Can I ask you to forward these thanks to everyone that took part in the film’s production: the cameramen, lighting crew, editors, the image magician, the recording studio and others… This was an experience for me and I found it extra!
Just a little note to tell you that I showed the film to 2 sales people yesterday and all the communication managers today. The film got a round of applause: very creative (simple and sophisticated at the same time), beautiful and instructive.
I showed the film, and the first reaction from the viewers was: "WOW"! My boss, who had seen it earlier that afternoon was hyper-excited he was so happy with the result! And the music adds an amazing dimension to the final cut, which takes on another dimension! I heard just an hour ago that the stand at MIPIM was superb and that both films looked fantastic on the giant screen! Put simply, a great job! The word that comes back the most when speaking about you is "pro"! "They are pros", "they know what they are doing" and “they are professionals"... It was also a pleasure for me to work with you. You proved to be flexible with a client that does not have the reputation of being easy 🙂 See you very soon for new adventures!
The way you listen and work, your creativity and your openness enabled us to get a final result that – sometimes you have to dare say it – makes us proud.